High School Athletic Fees

    Each student / athlete is required to pay a non - refundable, mandatory Athletic Fee, per sport played, before the first OFFICIAL practice of each season. Failure to complete this requirement will render the athlete ineligible to play. The amount due is listed below and is used to cover the basic expenses of the school’s athletic program such as CIF officials fee, FHSAA and CIF dues, field, gym or equipment, Training Coach, coaches, transportation etc, In order to participate, athletes must meet all team fundraising requirements goals set forth by the Athletic Director and administration.

High School Athletic Fee Breakdown 

  • Participation in One Team Sport $350.00 annual fee.
  • Participation in Multiple team sports, including cheer program $500.00 annual fee.
  • Participation in cheer is only $100.00 annually.

Note: This will not include Game Jerseys, Spirit Packs, Letterman Jackets.

Participation Fees Cover:

  • Gym, Field Fees
  • Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Coaches
  • Trainer
  • Practices
  • Tournaments
  • League Games
  • Non League Games
  • Pre Season Strength and Conditioning
  • Post Season Strength Maintenance
  • CIF Officials
  • Awards
  • Senior Athlete Gift
  • Patches

Participation Fee Does NOT include:

  • Athletic Uniforms
  • Spirit Packs
  • Team Shoes
  • Physical Examination
  • Letterman Jacket
  • Summer League Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer