Distance Learning Protocols for Students

  1. Classroom Expectations:

              a) Be on time for class. We recommend that you arrive one minute early.

              b) Remain the entire time. Do not leave class early

              c) Understand that attendance is mandatory

                            i. If for any reason you miss class, it is your responsibility to reach out to the teacher to determine what is missed.

                            ii. Tardy: More than 5 minutes late Absent: More than 15 minutes later.

              d) Dress code: School appropriate attire

              e) Use your correct name when logging in.

              f) Sit in a seat at a table/desk with the camera on for your teacher to see you. 

              g) Your face must be fully visible at all times. Hoodies, or hats should not be worn.

              h) Notify your teacher of any technical issues immediately. Internet connections should be tested before class begins.

              i) No eating during class meetings.

              j) Be respectful to all in the class.

                            i. Show respect by listening to your teacher and classmates

                            ii. When engaging in dialogue, respect the opinion of others. 

                            iii. Politely agree and disagree with others.

                            iv. Do not side-chat on your phones.

   2. Engage in and complete assignments posted by teachers.

   3. Submit work through Google Classroom by the expected due dates.

   4. Late assignments will receive a 10% (one letter grade) reduction for every day late. After 3 days late the assignment will receive an F grade.

   5. Contact your teacher with any learning issues or needs.

   6. Check your email each day for any additional information.

   7. Understand that all classes may be recorded and microphones may be “live” at all times

   8. Please note that if either the camera or microphone features are not working on your Chromebooks, you will have two school days to remedy the malfunction. Otherwise, you will be considered unprepared or absent.

   9. Email Mrs. Mazmanian with questions or concerns regarding Distance Learning expectations.